Epicuro was by founded by Professor D. A. Chamberlain in 2006 with the mission of providing the construction industry with superior performing materials, which are also inherently safer for those who use them and the natural environment.

We operate to the ISO9001:2008 quality standard and provide products for pavement and building facade cleaning and protection, Highway and marine structure concrete impregnation to EN1505-2 (Classes I and II), WRAS approved waterproof coating, water ingress control, pedestrian and vehicular traffic surface coatings, concrete colouration, paint and coating removal, efflorescence eradication and graffiti management.




Our products are used in new-builds and the rehabilitation of highway bridges, marine structures, building exteriors, pedestrian and road pavements, underground train and railway network assets, tramways, water tanks, dams and reservoirs, sports stadia, historic buildings, retail outlets, car parks, industrial flooring and swimming pools.