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Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet’s battle with Natural England over plans to build a 550 foot long wall to protect her £32.5 million beachside home could be prevented with the help of Epicuro’s innovative products.

The star of the Titanic wants to install a boulder and gravel seawall along the West Sussex coast to protect her property from flooding and erosion. But Natural England has recommended the planning application be refused because of concerns about the potential loss of natural habitat designated for rare and vulnerable birds, trees and wetlands.

The actress' Grade II-listed home backs onto a site that is a designated special protection area to safeguard wildlife living along the coast. Wildlife include waders, geese, ducks, herons, terns and cormorants.

Coastal erosion is a growing problem in the UK with properties worth over £1billion predicted to be lost in England and Wales over the next century, with no compensation available for homeowners.

According to a Guardian report, almost 7,000 homes and buildings will be lost to rising seas around England and Wales over the next century.

“Not enough is currently being done to protect and preserve these vulnerable properties,” commented Epicuro founder Denis Chamberlain.




“Our research in partnership with Brunel University is aiming to find a solution to this problem. Our patented method of Reinforced Stabilised Soil Construction (RSSC) is proving it could be a viable solution for protecting retaining walls, embankments and flood defences.

“This new patented technique produces a very strong composite action between soil and reinforcing bars, anchoring the bars into the surrounding soil and making it possible for the RSSC to resist bending and direct tension.

“This could provide a very effective and sustainable solution to the growing problem of coastal erosion, and provide reassurance to thousands of property owners.”

4th June 2015