Operating to the ISO 9001: 2008 approved management standard, our prime objective is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

We pioneered introducing EPD statements for all of the products we manufacture for use in the building and construction industries. We base these declarations on ‘cradle to gate’ and ‘cradle to grave’ calculations.

We know that some other manufacturers and suppliers can be reluctant to embrace this environmental declaration, but we believe our customers are entitled to a substantiated and transparent environmental account of the products that they buy from us.

One of the key benefits of an EPD is that our customers can demonstrate to their clients that they are consciously working towards sustainability in product selection, helping them to win contracts.


We also lead the way in the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging for our product containers. Whilst other companies may use a barcoding technique, we have the means of identifying each individual container and recovering all of the data relating to its contents. Whilst a barcode can be the same for thousands of containers, our tags each have a unique 14 digit number. Using an internet link, for example, information can be collected and added to the product container file, such as where it has been used, who used it and when they used it.

For smart companies who are looking to join up their supply chain technology, our products are the ideal solution as they address the growing demand from end-users for transparency and accountability.