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Bimagrip-HD is a three component polyurethane 'bound stone' coating system that is both anti-slip and water- proofing. It is available in a range of standard colours, according to the colouration of the selected frictional stone. The colour range can be extended, however, by adopting an artificially coloured stone for surface friction.

Bimagrip-HD can be applied to concrete, asphalt, timber, steel and other types of surfaces. It is ideal for both indoors and outdoors, where surface water and other liquids risk unsafe conditions for pedestrians and vehicles.

Bimagrip-HD, which has a long track record of applications, is extremely durable, without excessive loss of its bound stone. Other products suffer particularly in this respect. Bimagrip-HD features high crushing load resistance, which is important because the 'bound stones' used to give surface friction, can cause concentrated point loading in the holding resin. This means the product system is also applicable to extreme situations, surfacing a steep ramp used by HGV Vehicles, for example.

Bimagrip-HD is used on roads in situations such as approaches to traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, and on steep gradients. It is also used on pedestrian pavement, wet-rooms, factory floors and car-parks.




  • Combined anti-slip and waterproofing.
  • For concrete, asphalt, timber and metal surfaces.
  • Durable, over 15 years of successful applications.
  • Strong, designed to resist point load failure.
  • Wide range of colours available.
  • Fast setting for early trafficking.
  • Adjustable friction to suit site needs.
  • 10 year performance warranty available.
  • Steep gradient version available.