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Chem-Crete Sofix CCC700 is a unique water-based, crystallising moisture blocker, specifically formulated for permanently drying damp concrete and masonry affected by water ingress. It is spray, brush or roller applied to the negative water pressure side of the affected structure, preventing water and water vapour transmission even under high hydrostatic pressures. It is effective against water vapour transmission rates of up to 70 g/m2 (24 hr) in concrete.

Chem-Crete Sofix CCC700 enters the material capillaries and uses the available H2O and atmospheric CO2 to form moisture blocking crystals that are both hygroscopic and hydrophilic in nature. The hygroscopic aspect supports crystal grow, which the hydrophilic property then develops in the direction of the available moisture supply. This means that the moisture barrier thickens into the substrate, towards the source of moisture. The total barrier achieved depends mainly on the porosity of the treated surface and the volume of product applied. Chen-Crete Sofix CCC700 cannot migrate completely and disappear through the structure because its crystals are strongly bonded to the lining of the pores in which they develop.

Under prolonged drying conditions and according to the nature of hygroscopic materials, the Chem-Crete Sofix CCC700 crystals give up their water and diminish is size. However, growth is restored on the return of a supply of moisture, reinstating their moisture blocking characteristics. Thus, Chem-Crete Sofix CCC700 is a permanent damp treatment for the life of the structure, able to defend against both a fixed head of water or seasonal variations in water level on the positive side.

Chem-Crete Sofix CCC700 is used for stopping water ingress in tunnels constructed in concrete or masonry. A concrete retaining wall with seeping water is another typical project. Using Chem-Crete Sofix CCC700, water ingress through masonry arches can be corrected without affecting their aesthetic value. Chem-Crete Sofix CCC700 is ideal for drying damp floors, enabling screeds, coatings or floor coverings to be installed.




Chem-Crete Sofix CCC700 uses damp conditions to deliver dry conditions. Unlike other damp treatments, drying with heaters and dehumidifiers is unnecessary before using Chem-Crete Sofix CCC700. Treatable materials include concrete, concrete blocks, masonry, mortar, plaster, stucco and terrazzo.

Projects benefiting from the product application include tunnels with water ingress, damp concrete floors, foundations and slabs, reservoirs, industrial installations, swimming pools, subways, lift pits, basement walls and flooring in underground car parks.


  • Combats high water seepage rates
  • Use on concrete and masonry.
  • High moisture and vapour blocking properties
  • Seals capillary tracts and hairline cracks.
  • Resists hydrostatic pressure
  • Internal and external application
  • Reduces surface moisture to dry conditions
  • Increases the adhesion of coatings, and paints.
  • Helps in preventing coating failure (liquid applied)
  • Single component, used straight from container
  • Safe for people and the environment.
  • Non-toxic, solvent free and non-flammable
  • Gives way to time and cost savings
  • Avoids forced drying


  Technical Datasheet (TDS)