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Flexalastic-EP is a two component slurry like coating, based on a special formulation of synthetic resins, silica sands and selected cements. It is a truly flexible, yet hard wearing waterproof coating.

With over 25 years application history, Flexalastic-EP is a proven product for water retaining structures. It is used for internal and external water- proofing of water tanks, reservoirs, swimming pools, basements, roofs, terraces, balconies and walkways, storage tanks, inspection chambers, holding tanks, manholes, planter boxes and decorative fountains.

Flexalastic-EP is also used as a protective coating for bridges, sea walls, foundations and retaining walls. As an anti-carbonation treatment, a 1.5 mm application of Flexalastic-EP is equivalent to adding 1m of concrete cover to the reinforcing steel. Flexalastic-EP is used on concrete, brick, natural and artificial stone, wood and steel substrates.

ADVANTAGES AND CHARACTERISTICS Flexalastic-EP overcomes the problem of high moisture at 'application time'. It can also be applied and cured at relatively low temperatures, a minimum of 6oC.

Flexalastic-EP is especially useful where there is a risk of chlorides being present in the concrete substrate. Whereas some resin products can very soon fail in adhesion, due to accumulated salt migration to the coating-concrete inter- face, it does not suffer such.




  • Non-toxic & does not support bacteria growth
  • Is supplied in pre-batched units
  • Achieves excellent adhesion on all common substrates
  • Waterproofs but keeps the surface vapour permeable
  • Bridges and absorbs movement over hairline cracks
  • Is flexible and durable, with high abrasion resistance
  • Resists attack from frost and salts


  Technical Datasheet (TDS)