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Epicuro-WaterSeal-PW cement based waterproofing is the most versatile product currently available for solving a wide range of damp and water affected situations. It's the solution to water leakage, ingress or seepage in concrete structures or any cementations substrate.

Epicuro-WaterSeal-PW is supplied as a powder mixed with water for use. It is applied directly to the concrete, block-work masonry or cement render surface. Together with a fast acting stopper, it is also used when solving active leaks. It forms insoluble crystals in the water bearing capillaries and interstices of the treated surface. This is a permanent outcome, for the whole life of the treated structure.

Epicuro-WaterSeal-PW is unique because it delivers two powerful actions: conventional waterproofing and 'moisture blocking'. It is water-tight under wet conditions and vapour permeable under drying conditions. This 'moisture blocking' characteristic represents a 'tried and tested formulation feature, one that is incorporated into other well-known products, such as Pavix, Sofix and Permbloc.

Epicuro-WaterSeal-PW is used in a wide range of projects including:

  • Retaining walls and columns in reservoirs.
  • Swimming Pools prior to tiling or painting.
  • Concrete drinking water tanks.
  • Water treatment and sewage plants.
  • Foundation slabs, cellars and basement car parks.
  • Pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete units.
  • Tunnels, silos, irrigation channels.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Sand cement rendered tanking.
  • Lift shafts and vehicle maintenance pits




  • Damp curing and waterproofing.
  • Can be applied to negative pressure side.
  • For new and old concrete.
  • Breathable under drying conditions.
  • Solvent free and non-hazardous.
  • Single component, just add water.
  • Flexible product with multiple applications.
  • Becomes an integral part of the applied surface.
  • Resists high pressure water seepage.
  • Does not suffer from surface incompatibility.
  • Does not suffer wear, de-lamination or peeling (unlike coatings).


  Technical Datasheet (TDS)