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Hanover Square was one of the first Georgian squares to be built in 1720's, located in London's then highly fashionable West End. Unfortunately, only the original number houses, 20 and 24 still exist. Number 20 is most famous for being the first home of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society (RMCS) and then its successor, The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM).

No 4. Hanover Square is typical of the thriving commercialisation that has led to the current stage of development of the square. Now home to an art gallery, it is able to boast of such exhibits as Tim Noble & Sue Webster's 'Nihilistic Optimistic'. Constructed principally from discarded wood, the artists describe these sculptures as 'street compositions'.

To protect exhibition and pavement circulation areas, Epciuro's HBG-HD hardwearing surface protection was installed. Apart from its wear resistant protection, this product was specified because it does not change the visual aspects of the surface to which it is applied.



Location: Hanover sq. London
Date: Spring 2012
Client: Blaim Southern
Contractor: Clasic Formai
Substrate: Concrete
Product Applied: HBG-HD