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This important bridge carries the Chatham line over several main line tracks and was first constructed in 1913, just before the First World War. The original bridge deck was constructed from wrought iron girder and timber supported by brick piers and masonry abutments.

An innovative concrete box design was chosen to replace the existing structure whilst minimising disruption to the busy route. The design team evaluated a range of products to protect the concrete. The main concerns were damage to the structure from water and in particular protecting the rebar from exposure to salt water. Graffiti was also an issue in the area so it was important that this was also taken into account.

Epicuro Hydrophobic Bridgeguard was chosen as the best option as the material would protect the concrete against water, dirt, stains, pollution, and also allow the easy removal of graffiti. The product also meets the requirements of EN1504-2 so that client could be assured that the rebar would be protected inside the concrete. Epicuro Hydrophobic Bridgeguard was the only option that provided the 'all-in-one' protection required and provided a cost-effective solution for this highly valued asset.



Location: Brighton Goods Bridge No 6. Battersea
Date: Nov 2011 – Jan 2012
Client: Network Rail
Contractor: BAM Nuttall
Substrate: Structural Concrete
Product Applied: Epicuro Hydrophobic-BridgeGuard