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The background
Edinburgh Zoo is home to the UK's only Giant Pandas; a female called Tian Tian and a male, Yang Guang, here on a 10 year loan from China.

The challenge faced
Like many animals, Pandas are extremely sensitive to their habitat, preferring a quiet, calm, hygienic habitat with access to clean water and good food.

The solution
Our Technical Director, Professor Denis Chamberlain has spent much voluntary time at Edinburgh Zoo, reviewing and recommending materials for use in animal enclosures. In the case of waterproofing, for example, he takes the view that only WRAS Certified materials should be used. His belief is that untested coating materials risk:

  • Toxic chemical leaching
  • Propagation of hostile bio-matter at the surface
  • Excessive particulate into contacting water

The result
In 2012, Epicuro E200 WRAS Certified Waterproofing was used to coat the hard ground area in the Panda shelter, helping the area to be kept clean and safe.

Location: Edinburgh Zoo
Date: 2012
Client: Edinburgh Zoo
Contractor: PCIS Ltd
Substrate: Concrete
Product Applied: Epicuro E200 WRAS Waterproofing