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The original London Bridge railway station was opened in 1836, one of the first in the world and the first and oldest of the current London railway termini.

Since 1836, the station has had a complex history, involving frequent rebuilding and changes of ownership.

The challenge faced

Millions of handmade bricks were used to build its vaulted arches, bonded using natural lime mortar. Such mortars remained unchanged until the late 19th century, after which small additions of Portland cement (1828) proved advantageous.

Water seepage is a common occurrence with masonry arches, of which there estimated to be over 250,000 in the UK. In many cases, these represent high value retail areas.

However, there is a potential conflict between preserving their heritage ambiance and achieving suitably dry conditions. Broadly speaking, the traditional 'drying out' solutions are intensive grout injection, which is expensive and unpredictable in outcomes, and internal canopies and linings that collect and hide ingressed water.

The solution

Epicuro Permbloc was used over a 240 square metre area of the arches to prevent water seepage.

Epicuro Permbloc is an intensive moisture blocker which allows a radically different approach to water ingress management, especially in natural cement bonded masonry, like that at the Station.

This surface applied product minimises or totally eliminates the need for grout injection, whilst preserving the ambiance of heritage masonry. In addition to significant time and cost savings, an important advantage over the use of liners or canopies is that Permbloc halts the destructive lime leaching that they only hide from view.

As confirmed at London Bridge Station, Permbloc is a key element in the Epicuro's 'Moisture Blocking Method'.



The result

Community Clean Ltd said:
"We have been delighted with the results of the use of Epicuro Permbloc. It has proved to be an extremely efficient moisture blocking method on the masonry and helped us to save time on the project by not needing to use heaters or dehumidifiers to dry out the stonework."

Location: Masonry Vaults, London Bridge Station
Date: 2013
Client: London Transport
Contractor: Community Clean Ltd
Substrate: Brick and lime morter/portland cement
Product Applied: Epicuro Permbloc