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The background
Throughout the UK there are 100,000’s of containment bunds. These occur at local transformers and in larger numbers within the confines of electricity substations, for example. Here, they are required to hold transformer oil and locally employed chemicals, in the event of leaks.

£100m was invested in upgrading the tramway to achieve quicker journey times and to ensure the service continues to operate for future generations.

The challenge faced
Making sure these containment bunds are effective is important for avoiding potentially serious damage to the local environment - preventing groundwater pollution, for example.

Liquid bund lining coatings need to be compatible with concrete, masonry and metallic surfaces. ‘Application time’ moisture tolerance and an acceptable curing time are important, as is a good level of chemical resistance. Unfortunately, the UK weather cannot be relied on to provide idea warm and dry conditions.

The solution
Epicuro E200 (WARS) is a tough two-pack epoxy with a useful degree of ‘application time’ moisture tolerance. It has strong resistance to a wide range of chemical products and cures to a pleasing gloss finish and is ideal for bund lining projects.

In cases where damp conditions prevail, Epicuro offers moisture curing cement based waterproofing with good wear and chemical resistance.


Location: Electricity Substation Bund Lining
Date: 2009
Client: Scottish Power
Contractor: PCIS Ltd
Substrate: Concrete
Product Applied: Epicuro E200 WRAS Epoxy Waterproofing