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Du Pont EKC Technology Ltd is a leading manufacturer of specialty cleaners used in the micro-electronics production industry. Its UK headquarters are on the outskirts of Glasgow Scotland.

The challenge faced

Du Pont’s red brick building façade was suffering moss infestation on permanently sheltered damp elevations and they feared water ingress to all the masonry façade.

The solution

Epicuro Algae Remover was used to treat the moss affected elevations. This is a slow acting treatment that progressively removes the infestation over a period of 2-3 weeks. The principal advantage over fast-acting moss killers is that the effect generally lasts 4-5 years, rather than only one season.

Following moss eradication, all masonry surfaces were protected with Epicuro HBG. This means mosses are not likely to reoccur for 15 years in the affected zone. The remainder of the façade is now kept dry, helping to keep the building interior healthy and warm. Particular features of Epicuro HBG are that it maintains vapour permeability whilst imparting invisible hydrophobic (keeps dry) and oelophobic (keeps clean) properties to the treated surface.

The result

Du Pont can rest safe assured that their headquarter is well protected for some years, saving time and money on costly maintenance.



Location: Glasgow
Date: 2007
Client: Du Pont EKC Technology Ltd
Contractor: PCIS Ltd
Project Type Building protection moss and water damage
Product Applied: Epicuro Algae Remover/HBG