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The M25 London Orbital Motorway is arguably one of the busiest highways in Europe. With more than 30 junctions, it has a large number of concrete bridges. Unfortunately, some of these suffer from unwanted graffiti that spoils the environment for local residents and other road users alike.

The challenge faced

Depending on the type of graffiti paint or ink contamination, removing graffiti is not necessarily straightforward, with many common cleaners giving only partial cleaning or a residual ghosting effect. This is due to the penetration of those graffiti liquids into the concrete.

For easier management of graffiti, an anti-graffiti treatment can be applied that makes cleaning easier with more effective outcomes. These are grouped as permanent or sacrificial. Permanent protectors generally change the visual aspects of the surface significantly, imparting a sheen, for example, which can spoil the overall esthetics and the sacrificial being removed with the unwanted graffiti and needing reapplication afterwards

The solution

Epicuro’s Hydrophobic BridgeGuard treatment was chosen for the M25 Bridges because it is both a permanent anti-graffiti treatment and an EN1504-2 compliant concrete impregnation treatment. It imparts strong oleophobic (dirt-repelling) and hydrophobic properties to the concrete surface, keeping the structure clean and defending it from water related damage. The solution’s unique formula penetrates the concrete’s surface to form an invisible, but breathable barrier which is virtually undetectable on the treated surface.

The result

Not only has treatment with Hydrophobic BridgeGuard protected the bridges, it has also increased the surface’s lifespan, reducing the need for costly maintenance and cleaning.



Location: M25 London Orbital
Date: 2010
Client: Highways Agency
Contractor: Balfour Beatty
Project Type

Concrete bridge protection

Product Applied: Epicuro Hydrophobic BridgeGuard