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Dunheved Bridge is a busy tourist route which carries the A30 over the River Tama in Devon/Cornwall. Recent plans to protect the bridge from ‘concrete cancer’ were ditched in favour of rebuilding it.

The rebuild was scheduled in waves in order to minimise any traffic disruption and completed to Agency standards.

Works complete, the bridge was coated with Chem-Crete PAVIX CCC 100 in order prevent further corrosion for the foreseeable future.

Chem-Crete PAVIX CCC100 is a unique water-based product for permanent protection of concrete structures and other porous substrates against temperature and moisture associated problems, such as damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles and chloride ion penetration.

It keeps treated concrete reasonably dry, thus eliminates all water and moisture related deterioration.

Chem-Crete PAVIX CCC100 is designed especially to protect highway bridges, car parks, buildings and costal structures.

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