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“Loch Doon, the largest inland loch in Southern Scotland, surrounded by spectacular scenery. It is the site of the ruined Loch Doon Castle, built in the late 1200s. The area is both a designated Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) and a Site of Specific Interest (SSSI). Not surprisingly, Robert Burns immortalised the River Doon in his famous poem “Ye banks and braes O’ bonnie Doon’.

The challenge faced
Concrete Repairs Ltd where given the contract to take on task of refurbishing the bridge over the loch’s concrete dam in 2014.

The solution
Epicuro Hydrophobic Bridgeguard was chosen to protect the Loch Doon Dam Bridge following extensive repair work, undertaken by Concrete Repairs Ltd.
This unique formula penetrates the concrete’s surface to form an invisible, but breathable, barrier that repels water, oily liquids and resists road dirt, graffiti, salts, fuel, vegetation and other surface contaminants.

The solution also increases the surface’s lifespan and reduces the need for costly maintenance and cleaning.

The result
The application of Hydrophobic Bridgeguard has had a positive result on the bridge. Not only has it protected the structures from the elements, it has given the contractors peace of mind that their work has been protected and ensures the beauty of the area for many years to come.”