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Tooley Street forms part of huge redevelopment works in the London Bridge area of London, involving the station and surrounding areas.

The programme, under Business Improvement District (BID) work includes new restaurants, cafes and bars.

As such, what were once practical archways were now required to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as to stand the test of time.

Turning railway arches into modern working spaces or leisure venues, whilst making a feature of the exposed brickwork, can be difficult. Conventional processes include metal sheet liners and canopies covering the brickwork which is less aesthetically pleasing and makes inspection of the structures difficult.

Epicuro offered an alternative solution.

Using a combination of treatments, including HBG-ST and Permbloc, the Tooley Street archways were restored to their former glory.

HBG-ST helps to create a dust-free environment in the enclosed space by forming a protective barrier. This helps with binding the surface together, reducing the amount of particles of mortar dropping due to vibrations of trains overhead.

Using wet conditions to deliver dry ones, our Permbloc treatment eradicated water ingress problems found in the railway arch brickwork.

This unique water-based crystallising moisture blocker has been specifically formulated to permanently dry concrete and masonry affected by water ingress.

Permbloc is effective even under high hydrostatic pressures, it is non-toxic and solvent-free meaning it is the ideal solution for enclosed spaces such as railway arches.

A key advantage of this innovative product is the fact it eliminates the requirement of heaters and dehumidifiers, cutting out unnecessary and expensive delays in the drying process.

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