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Coventry House is a beautiful, ornate building located just off Leicester Square in London. The building comprises three different elements; namely a casino, which was opened in 1913.

The challenge

faced Sitting within a busy, high pollution area of London, Coventry House’s light Portland stone façade was darkening in appearance after only a matter of years. Once it was cleaned the owner of the building, along with the architects, specified that the building should be protected with Epicuro Oleonic to preserve its beautifully restored façade.

The solution

Oleonic works by penetrating the building’s surface to form an invisible yet breathable barrier that repels water and oily liquids and resists road dirt, graffiti, salts, fuels, vegetation and other surface contaminants. Another bonus of Oleonic is that its photocatalytic properties add to the self-cleaning of the building and contribute to purifying the localised air by removing harmful regional pollutants (nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and ammonium).

The result

The owners and tenants of Coventry House now have the peace of mind that it is protected for a long time to come and its façade will remain intact.



Product: OLEONIC
Location: London
Date: 2015
Project: Building Facade Protection