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Construction work is continuing on new Cycle Superhighways in central London, meaning widened roads and metres of new York Stone paving being laid almost every day.

The challenge faced

London Highways Alliance (LoHAC) contract and joint venture contractor CVU got in touch wth partners Community Clean to use their expert pavement services on the Blackfriars Road section of the North-South Cycle Superhighway. This required the cleaning of 18,000 sqm of newly laid York Stone paving and then applying Epicuro’s HBG-HD protective coating to the cleaned area.

The solution

Community Clean’s NHSS 19A approved teams cleaned the York Stone slabs so that they were primed and ready for optimum absorption of the protective coating. HBG-HD by Epicuro is a TfL registered and regularly specified product in which Community Clean are an approved applicator and gives optimum protection against water, stains, oil, salts, chewing gum and other surface contaminants.

The result

As of March 2016, they had successfully completed 14,215 sqm of the new paving and the project nearing completion.


Product: HBG-HD
Location: London
Date: 2015/16
Project: Pavement Protection
Contractor: London Highways Alliance (LoHAC)