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Specialising in providing construction services for the road and rail industry, Bam Nuttall were tasked with constructing a brand new road bridge and approach embankments immediately adjacent to an existing bridge over the Wantage Road rail line in Grove, Oxfordshire.

This project was part of the electrification of the Great Western Railway and had the aim of delivering more reliable, greener and quieter journeys for thousands of passengers.

The new bridge, which included footpaths, would experience high footfall of vehicles and pedestrians and so it was important that protective treatments were built into the construction process to preserve it long into the future.

Epicuro’s PavixCCC100 was chosen to protect the bridge from temperature and moisture associated problems, such as damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles. It does this by creating a breathable barrier on the surface assisted by the growth of crystals to keep the structure dry. This eliminates most of the issues that typically affect these bridges and protects it for many years to come.

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