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When a 40-year-old M5 motorway bridge, which spans the B4073 Painswick Road in Gloucester, suffered from concrete damage, the Highways Agency took the decision to replace its deck.

Concrete Repairs Ltd (CRL), a leading UK specialist asset maintenance contractor for buildings and structures, were tasked with completing the repairs to the structure in a project valued at £4.3 million. The work undertaken by CRL involved strengthening the foundations of the bridge and a number of other safety improvements and maintenance to benefit road users on the M5

Work carried out to the Painswick Bridge was essential to prolong its lifespan and so contractors treated the repaired concrete surfaces with Chem-Crete PavixCCC100. This unique water-based product is designed to offer permanent protection to concrete structures, including highway bridges, against temperature and moisture associated problems such as damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles and chloride ion penetration.

With a long lifespan, Chem-Crete PavixCCC100 helps to eliminate all water and moisture related deterioration.

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