We pride ourselves on operating at the leading edge of developing green building materials that are both superior in performance and environmentally safer than others. Our range of protective, cleaning and waterproofing products contain little or no solvents and are non-toxic, ensuring there is as little an impact on the environment as possible.

Our products comply with, and generally exceed, all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice relating to sustainability. Their long manufacturer’s guarantee also means they are less demanding on the world’s precious natural resources.



Our commitment to sustainability:

  • Our products are longer-lasting and less demanding on the world’s precious natural resources
  • We actively encourage architects, designers, engineers and builders to promote the adoption of alternative greener materials over conventional building products
  • We provide on-site product application training to ensure our products are correctly applied, maximising product performance and preventing failures, waste and losses
  • We strive to manufacture and distribute our products as efficiently as possible to reduce waste, delivery journeys and pollution
  • We recycle containers, storage boxes and production materials wherever possible